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Youtube ads for CPA Offers

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1-Youtube ads for CPA Offers: Introduction


1-Youtube ads for CPA Offers: Introduction

Welcome to the latest and very easy to apply YouTube Ads Training,designed to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of getting the most out of YouTube Advertising.

I’m very excited to have you here, and I know this will be very helpful for you.

This exclusive training will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step,topic by topic, and tool by tool,what you really need to know to dominate YouTube Advertising, the easiest way possible, 
using the most effective tools and in the shortest time ever.

This is exactly what you are going to learn:This training is comprised of 13 of the highest quality training chapters organized into 4 sections

Section 1: YouTube Ads Basics

 In Chapters 1 and 2, we will talk about: What is YouTube Advertising? And Why you should use YouTube Ads for your Business. 

Section 2: Setting everything up before creating your Ads 

In Chapters 3 through 6, we will talk about: Knowing your Business, setting up YouTube for your Business, linking your YouTube Channel to your Ad Words Account, and creating your Video for Advertising with YouTube. 

Section 3: Creating and Managing Your Video Ad Campaigns 

In Chapters 7 through 9, we will talk about: Creating your Campaign, Creating the Ad group and Ad, and Managing Your Video Ad Campaign.

Section 4: Additional Tips to consider 

In Chapters 10 through 13, we will talk about: 10 do’s you should consider for a successful YouTube Advertising venture, 10 don’ts you should avoid for a successful YouTube Advertising venture, Premium YouTube Advertising tools and Services, and Shocking YouTube Advertising Case Studies. Well, it’s time for you to get the most out of YouTube Ads for your business. I know you’ll love this training. To Your Success, 


2-Youtube ads for CPA Offers: What is YouTube Advertising?

2-Youtube ads for CPA Offers: What is YouTube Advertising?

YouTube is a website dedicated to free
video sharing, allowing users to upload
their own videos, view videos from
other users, comment on videos and
share them on other sites. YouTube has
every type of video, and is the most
used search engine, right after google. 

In 2005, three employees of PayPal
created YouTube, and it is now one of Google subsidiaries. YouTube allows
users to interact with any type of video content, from music videos and movie
trailers to original and educational videos, and videos from individuals to media
corporations and brands. 

What are video ads? 

Video ads have advertising purposes, and are called ads because they provide
information about products or companies. They have a purpose and a reason. 

Any video on YouTube can be used as an ad. These ads appear in different ways:
before a video, playing beside a video or in search results .

YouTube ads give you flexibility. As an individual or as a business, you can start
to benefit from the YouTube platform.

What do ads cost?

With respect to cost, there are two types of ads that you can pick from, both for
a price.

You’ll have to pay when people see more than 30 seconds of your ad. This
means that you’ll only have to pay for those people who engage with your
content, or are interested in the video. 

You and only you decide how much you want to invest in your video ads, so
you’ll feel comfortable with the money you spend. 

Who can I target?  

Besides being flexible, YouTube ads give you a variety of tools to focus on the
public. You can target by age, gender, location, interests and much more. You
only have to choose where you want to reach.

You should look for what kind of people can easily become interested in you, so
that your investment in YouTube will be productive and not a waste of time or

Choose the right public, because YouTube ads gives you what you need to
target and make your video ads reach the places you want. 

How do I measure the results?

With YouTube ads, you can see the analysis and results you get from your video
ads. YouTube provides information like how many views your ad has, where it is
viewed and what you paid for the views. You can measure the results with adjustments anytime you think you need to, so you can improve the
development of your campaign.

3-Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Why you should use YouTube Ads for your Business

3-Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Why you should use YouTube Ads for your Business

YouTube is the leader in online
video, and the premier destination
to watch and share original videos
worldwide throughout the web.

 Without a doubt, this opens a huge
opportunity to promote brands and
businesses through video marketing,
by providing you everything you
need to profit in a simple, interactive and fun way. 

What are its benefits? 

The following benefits will tell you why you should use YouTube Ads for your

A ton of traffic:

 You can lead your traffic to your website, product, or service
with video ads. You can generate a ton of traffic, and you’ll find less competition
at a lower cost.

Pay per view:​ You only pay when people watch your video. You don’t pay for
views that are not being converted for your business, so you won’t waste

Reach your ideal customers:​ 

You can reach people based on who they are, their
locations and on what they’re interested. You can reach them by topic, keyword
or demographics 

Build a following:​ You can drive video views and new channel subscription
opportunities, and convert them into revenue for your business.

Create a difference with competence:​ 

If your competence is limited to one
platform (like image, webpage or even radio), video streaming and your use of it
will earn you a whole new unlimited group of possible customers. 

A low budget:​

 It doesn’t take too much from your own wallet to enter the video
streaming platform. In fact, most indie you-tubers began with nothing more than

Responsive web designing:​ 

More than seventy percent of people are watching
videos using smart devices. They are also spending their time on eCommerce
websites to learn about the offers and latest updates from different stores.
Marketers are targeting responsive web designing and following this trend to
make their marketing videos compatible with mobile screens. This is the most
important point that must be focused upon to grab customer attention. 

Perfect for eCommerce:​ 

The description of products and services helps
consumers, because they like to watch videos to learn more information about
the products they are going to buy. This is an ongoing trend that every online
retailer is following today.

Perfect for CPA/Affiliate marketing: ​

 With some of the highest quality traffic
you will find at some of the cheapest costs in many niches, YouTube ads are
perfect to promote CPA offers

Immense exposure:​ 

This is the key to driving revenue, notwithstanding the
obvious fact that capitalizing on this is very important.

Important Facts For Marketers About YouTube Ads 

You’ll benefit greatly by taking a look at the following facts. 

✓ Video ads accounted for 25.1% of all the videos viewed, while only a mere
2.2% of time spent online was spent viewing online videos.

✓ eCommerce is very vast, and today every retailer is transforming their
business to be online.

✓ In the last year, the number of advertisers using display ads on YouTube
increased by 1,000%.

✓ No less than 84.5% of the United States audience views online video

✓ The average YouTube visitor accesses the site 14 times per month.

✓ More video content is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than the three
major U.S. television networks created in 60 years.

✓ More than half of all video ads run between 15 and 30 seconds, while 36%
are more than 30 seconds and only 13% are less than 15 seconds.
Summarily, the key to effective advertising seems to be in the ability to
actively engage the viewer; ideally somewhere between the 10 and 20
second mark.

✓ On Facebook, over 150 years worth of YouTube videos are watched every

✓ YouTube has signed over 10,000 advertising partners to date, including
Turner and Disney. Hundreds of YouTube partners are making six figures
a year.

✓ In 2006, when Google bought YouTube, YouTube was losing money at a
rate of $500,000 a month despite its immense popularity. Google,
however, saw its immense advertising potential.

✓ A new kind of advertising called “viral advertising” uses blogs and emails
to promote a product. For example, Dove’s “Evolution of Beauty”
campaign was an overnight viral sensation when more than a million
people watched a time-elapsed video of a model being made beautiful on

✓ You get more clicks for every 1,000 impressions. Video Banners usually
have from 50 to 100 percent more click range. Video is a more effective
format, because the user notices it as something more entertaining than
a “normal” banner.

✓ Every month, more than one billion people visit YouTube and watch over
six billion hours of YouTube videos. These are a lot of potential
customers, and you can decide where and when a video ad shows up and

which of these potential customers sees it.


4-Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Knowing your Business

4-Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Knowing your Business

If you’re new to the business world, before you start a YouTube Ads campaign,
there are many factors to consider to avoid mistakes when using YouTube, or
any other online platform you want to use.

Analyze who you are.

I’m pretty sure you already have a set vision and mission for your business.
Something important for you to know is that vision and mission are exactly the
same for the online world. 

You can’t change your standards just for going online. You are doing the exact
same thing for your clients, but over the web, which means a lot easier, faster
and bigger, both locally and worldwide.

What kind of products, services, or CPA/affiliate offers are you

For the product you actually offer, don’t concentrate on how to improve it, right
now. That is something you should obviously have been doing since you started
your business. What you should care about, right now, is how to get online.

You might need to create a website to deliver it to users. You might need to
create videos to explain how your product or service works, so your current and
future clients can watch them.

Who’s your target audience? 

The audience you’ll be focusing upon can define your success or failure. That’s
extremely important for the development of your company. If you target the
wrong audience, you won’t get great results, and the same can be said about
being online.

If you have existing clients, you probably know their interests. They have bought
from you, and you know what they are looking for.

The awesome thing about going online is that you can advertise to your existing
clients. You can also look for people with the exact same interests as your
existing clients, and convert them into your clients with just a few clicks of your

More than that, you can even learn a lot of things you might not know about
your existing clients. 

For that, we can use several tools. 

For advertising online, you should have a clear understanding of the target
audience of your business, information such as: where they live, how old are
they, their gender, interests, etc. You can find that out with sites like
If you already have an established website, you can get that information by
using If you still lack that information about your business, you can
simply take a look at other business websites. 

For example, if your business is within the Health market, you can simply browse
the top websites in the world, and take a look at them by category. Go inside
any subcategory that best suits your business, and take a look at the top sites. 

You’ll find all kinds of awesome information you can use in your YouTube Ads
Advertising. Things like: how popular a site is, how engaged are the visitors,
where do visitors come from, what sites is it related to, and most importantly,
who visits the site. 

If you have access to the paid Alexa subscription, you’ll find a lot more details on
all this. 

Analyzing your competition online.

Your competitors may be selling products similar to yours, and may be located
geographically near your business, or have a lot of demand. You can take their
ideas without stealing them to improve failures you may have in your company,
or maybe you can just use them to innovate. 

There are certain things you need to know about your competitors: the way
they offer their services, how they reach consumers, their prices, designs, how
they distribute and deliver. 

Some people even make alliances with other brands. If you want to do this,
create an alliance with a Brand that doesn’t offer the same service that you do.
Look for one that will complement yours, and thus get two purchases, one for
you and one for your ally. 

If you’re moving to the online world, will be of great help in this

4-Youtube ads for CPA Offers: Setting up YouTube for your Business

4-Youtube ads for CPA Offers: Setting up YouTube for your Business

The first step you should accomplish is creating a Google Account, which I’m
pretty sure you have created a few of them, already. 

Something awesome about Google is that one account is all you need. That
means, one free account gets you into everything Google. You can manage
absolutely any of the eight most used Google Applications, such as Gmail,
Blogger, Maps, and of course, YouTube. 

If you have access to any one of those services, you already have a Google
Account. Once you have your account created, you can go straight to, sign in, and your YouTube account is already activated. 

Now that you have a Google Account, besides just watching videos, you’ll be
able enjoy many other YouTube features, such as Liking videos, Saving
Favorites, subscribing to channels, Watching Later, Watching History, and
Flagging videos, among others. 

YouTube can also recommend that you watch other videos according to what
you’ve already watched, liked, and subscribed to.
Something important to be aware of is that if you delete your Google Account, it
will delete your YouTube data, including all videos, comments, and

Besides these additional features, if you or your business would like to have a
public presence on YouTube, you must create a Channel. Without a channel,
everything you do in YouTube is private.
If you would like to upload videos, comment on videos, create playlists, and so
many other awesome marketing stuff that is available to you for free, you have
to create a YouTube Channel. 

Google Accounts don’t come with a YouTube
channel by default.
Creating a channel is easy, but something for you to be aware of is that at the
moment, creating a channel can’t be done in the Android or iOS YouTube apps.
You must use the mobile site or a computer. 

There are 2 types of YouTube Channels you can create, a personal channel with
your name, and a channel with a business or other name.
First, click on the top right corner image, then click on the YouTube Setting icon.
You’ll then be able to view your Account information. 

Right there, you’ll be able to create a new channel. You can then decide what
first and last name you’ll use for your Channel. Also, be aware that changes you
make here may show up across Google services with other content you create
and share, and to people you interact with. 

4-Youtube ads for CPA Offers: Setting up YouTube for your Business

You can also use a business or other name. This can be used if you You can also use a business or other name. This can be used if you would like to
create a YouTube Channel for your Business.

Other options will appear. You’ll be able to Name your Channel, pick a category,
agree to the Pages Terms, and finally click on Done. With this channel you’ll be
able to upload public and private videos to the channel, comment on videos
using your channel name, and your new channel comes with a Google+ page.

Ok, now that you have added a brand new YouTube Channel to your Account,
you can add a Channel icon, channel art, and make sure you include your
channel description.

6-Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Linking your YouTube Channel to your AdWords Account

6-Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Linking your YouTube Channel to your AdWords Account

In order to enter the awesome video advertising world Google offers you, you
must have a Google AdWords account, and link it to your YouTube Channel.
Google AdWords is Google’s (PPC) Pay-Per-Click Online Advertising platform,
where you are able to advertise locally and globally, to attract customers with
the products that they are searching for.

With Google AdWords, you can get your ad on Google today, and be seen by as
many customers as you want at the very moment that they are searching
Google for the things you offer. You’ll only pay when they click to visit your
website or call. 

With Google AdWords, you can attract more customers, advertise locally or
globally, reach the right people at the right time, and on top of that, you only
pay for results; no visit, no fee, and you can start with any budget. That’s
different than the majority of other PPC or PPV networks where you have to
deposit $100, $500 and even $1,000 just to get started.

Previously, we shared some benefits about YouTube Ads. Many, if not all of
those benefits generally apply to Google AdWords, but other benefits can be
noticed, as well.

Over a million businesses rely on Google AdWords. That’s a lot, and here’s why.

You can get your business found. If you need to gain website visitors, skyrocket
ur online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers buying from you,
Google AdWords can be the best way to achieve it. 

You can connect with customers across the web. Besides engaging your existing
customers, you can reach other relevant customers on other websites across
the entire web. Options available in the platform will let you set up your
targeting by website type, audience type or even remarketing. 

You can take the guesswork out of your marketing. You’ll get measurable,
accountable, and flexible insights around the clock. You can stop, start, pause,
and test your ads with Google AdWords. 

You can advertise at the right time, and in the right place, be it locally or

6-Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Linking your YouTube Channel to your AdWords Account

You can reach your customers, no matter the device they’re on. In today’s
mobile world, you can’t miss the chance to advertise on every device that your
customers are using – desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.
Getting started is pretty simple, too. 

By now, you should have your Google Account already created. Just login with
the same login details, and that’s about it. You are redirected to your Google
AdWords dashboard and you’re ready to set up your first advertising campaign. 

Now, you’ll be able to link your AdWords account to your YouTube Channel. For
that, we’ll need to copy the Customer ID number which is located right at the
top, in the top right corner of your Google AdWords Account. 

Then, go back to YouTube. Once you have logged in, you’ll go straight to your
YouTube Dashboard by typing

Next to the Channel Tab, you’ll click on the little Drop Down arrow, and then
click on Advanced. There, you’ll be able to edit some advanced settings. You can
Pick your Country, add some channel keywords, allow or disable
advertisements, and you’ll have the ability to link your AdWords account. 

As you’ll notice, linking your YouTube channel to an AdWords for video account
allows you to promote your video and access reporting.

Just paste your Customer ID number, and click on next. You’ll need to assign a
name to the AdWords account, set permissions for the account, such as view
counts and calls-to-action, Remarketing, and Engagement. 
Finally, click on Finish.
Well, that was about it.
Also, don’t forget to go down and click on save. 

Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Creating (or using other users’ video) your Video for Advertising with YouTube

Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Creating (or using other users’ video) your Video for Advertising with YouTube

Knowing how to create quality videos is crucial to achieving success through
advertising. Creating good videos is key to obtaining more subscribers and
viewers on YouTube. You’ll have to look over a few key points before going
through your advertising Campaign.

If you do not want to create your own
videos, you can also use other people’s videos. I will explain how to in the
“Creative Commons” section below.

Review YouTube’s Advertising Policies

First of all, make sure to review absolutely all of YouTube’s advertising policies,
terms of services or any other Community Guidelines. It’s very important for you
to know how to be part of the YouTube Community. 

Go to to view very
important technical guidelines, as well as additional requirements for using the
TrueView ad format. 

In the Technical requirements, we find out that In-stream ads appear on
YouTube videos, and on Video partner sites and apps on the GDN. For video
options, it is advised to use a video less than 3 minutes in length. For the image
option, use a 300×60 pixel image. Ad text limits are not applicable here, and for
“click destination” you can add your website.

For Video discovery ads, it says they appear on YouTube-related video search
results pages. The video opens on a YouTube watch or channel page, and on
Video partner sites and apps on the GDN. For video options, any length is
acceptable. For the image option, you can choose from 4 thumbnails. For ad
text limits, 100 characters is the maximum for headlines; 35 characters is the
maximum for each description, and clicks on your video thumbnail go to your
video. Clicks on CTA overlays go to your website. 

We advise you take a look at all the information mentioned in this page. 

Review Google AdWords policies

The rules that apply to text ads generally apply to TrueView video ads, too. We
advise you also read the Google AdWords Policies. If you go to, you’ll find all you need to know about
those advertising policies, as well.

The policies are subdivided by: prohibited content, which is content you can’t
advertise on the Google Network. Prohibited practices which are things you
can’t do if you want to advertise with them. Restricted content is content you
can advertise, but with limitations, and editorial and technical are the quality
standards for the ads, websites, and apps.

There are four popular ad formats advised by YouTube that can work for your
business, no matter how you create your video.

Introduce your business 

Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Creating (or using other users’ video) your Video for Advertising with YouTube

There are some topics and questions you can use when introducing your

First of all, you can talk about who you are. You can start by introducing yourself
and your business. This will help people put a name to a face, and make it easier
for them to relate to you.

Questions you can use to give this information can be: What motivated you to
start your business? What kind of expertise do you have? And How can you
make your story more personal? 

Then, you can let people know what you can do for them. Here you can put your
passion into action. Tell them what you do better or differently, and you’ll give
them a powerful reason to choose your business over others. 

Questions you can use to give this information can be: What do people love
most about your business? How do you go the extra mile? And What gives your
business an edge over others? 

Finally, you’ll give people a way to contact you. It is vital to let people know how
they can find you. You can include things like your email, phone number, street
address, YouTube channel, and company website. 

Highlight your product

Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Creating (or using other users’ video) your Video for Advertising with YouTube

For Highlighting your product, here are some topics and questions you can use. 

First, you must give people an overview of your product or service. Breaking
down your product or service is a great way to help people see all the work you
put into it.

Questions you can use to give this information can be: What is your
product/service? How does your product/service work? And Does your
product/service have any special features? 

You can even talk about what makes your product or service stand out from the
crowd. Show what your offer can do that others can’t. Show them what
elements make your product unique that could help people become interested
in it.

Questions you can use to give this information can be: How does your business
make people’s lives better? How do you make a lasting impression? And What
part of your business makes it different than others? 

Finally, show people where they can learn more about your product. It is vital to
let people know where they can get more info. You can include things like your
email, phone number, street address, YouTube channel, and company website. 

Create Promotion

Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Creating (or using other users’ video) your Video for Advertising with YouTube

For Creating a Promotion, the first thing you want to do is grab people’s
interest. Excitement is key in your promotion. 

Questions you can use to give this information can be: What is your promotion’s
main draw? What about your promotion will surprise people? And What makes
your promotion an exclusive event? 

You can then fill people in on the details. Let people know why they’re getting
excited. Make it clear, so it will be easier for them to remember. 

Questions you can use to give this information can be: When does your
promotion begin and end? Are there exceptions people should know about?
And Is there a special reason you’re having this promotion? 

Finally, let people know how they can participate by giving them all necessary

Educate your Customers  

Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Creating (or using other users’ video) your Video for Advertising with YouTube

Educating your customers about your business is a really fun way to engage
your audience.

First of all, you need to build trust. Introductions are key for this. People will be
more interested in what you have to say when they feel like they know you.

Questions you can use to give this information can be: What experiences or
training do you have? Are you proud of your track record? And Do you have fans
that love talking about you? 

Then, give people a ‘101’ on what you do. A crash course on your product or
service is a great way to show people what kind of benefit you provide. 

Questions you can use to give this information can be: Would it help to show
your product or service in action? Can you simplify parts of your business? And
Can you provide follow up advice and tips? 

Now, you know what to do, so let people know where they can get more

You just saw 4 different awesome examples for creating your video. 

Once you are done with it, you’ll need to upload it. 

Once you are logged in, simply click on upload, and select your Video file to
upload. Double click on it, and while uploading you can add the Title,
Description, and Tags. 

Finally click on Publish, and the upload will continue by itself.  

Creative Commons

If you do not want to create your own videos, YouTube makes it super easy to
use videos created by other users. In fact, they encourage it. Check out the

policy on creative commons here: all you have to do is search for videos in your niche on YouTube. Then you will
filter your videos by selecting the “Creative Commons” option.

Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Creating (or using other users’ video) your Video for Advertising with YouTube

You can then use any video here for your own ads! To do that, copy the URL of
your video and use it in the video editor here: 


Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Creating your Campaign



Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Creating your Campaign


Creating your campaign is absolutely simple.
First of all, go to and click on sign in.
You’ll then be redirected to create your first campaign. 


If it’s the first time creating your campaign, you’ll be welcomed to the Welcome
to AdWords page, where you’ll notice the 4 steps you need to follow to create
your first campaign. 


Step 1. Choose your budget 

Step 2. Create your ads

3. Select keywords that match your ads to potential customers
And Step 

4. Enter your billing information. 


Those steps are for creating a custom AdWords Campaign. The steps for
creating your Video Ad Campaign will be slightly different.


Previously, you linked you your AdWords account from inside your YouTube
Account. Right before creating your Campaign, you’ll probably see a notification 


for this. We advise you take a look at it, and authorize the linking of your
AdWords Account with your YouTube account.
If you don’t see that notification, you should click on the setting icon located in
the top right corner of the page. Click on linked accounts, click on YouTube, and
you should be able to see a YouTube Invitation to confirm your YouTube
Account to your YouTube Channel. 
Simply click on View Request, and click on confirm. 
As you’ll notice, you can even add a YouTube channel from here, too. 
Ok, awesome. Once you are done with that, go back to the Campaigns Tab.
To continue, click on “create your first campaign”.
The first thing you’ll do is type a Campaign Name, or you can just leave it like it is
if you want

You then need to pick the right campaign type. Your campaign type determines
where your ad shows, and which settings and options are available to you.


Click the arrow and select “video”. There are 3 different choices for Ads. They
are Standard, which are Ads driving views, awareness and conversions. Mobile
app installs, which are Ads encouraging people to install your mobile app, and
Shopping – which are ads encouraging people to buy products listed in your
Google Merchant Center account. 

Just pick standard for this one. 


For future campaign creation, if you would like to use the same settings used in
a previous campaign, you can load its settings.


You then will set up your Daily budget. Your daily budget is the average amount
you’re comfortable spending each day on this campaign. 


The Delivery method determines how your budget, when limited, is spent
throughout the day. 


You can choose standard which will show ads evenly over time. 


Accelerated will show ads as quickly as possible. 


Network settings let you choose where your ads appear.

For YouTube search to show video ads on YouTube search results pages, you’ll
use video discovery ads only
For YouTube to show video ads on the YouTube homepage, watch and channel
pages, you’ll use in-stream and video discovery ads.
Video partners extend the reach of video ads to a collection of sites and apps in
the Google Display Network (GDN). You can use in-stream and video discovery
ads for this.
Location targeting lets you show your ads to people located in — or who shows
interest in — a geographic location.
From now on, you’ll apply what you learned in Knowing your business. You
should decide in which location, language and devices you want your ads to
You can choose a country, a city, a region, or even a postal code. 
You must also define what languages your customers speak. 
Finally, you must decide what operating systems, mobile devices, or carriers and
Wi-Fi you want to apply to your campaign.
For the advanced settings, you are able to pick your schedule, which means a
start date, end date, and ad scheduling. 
For the ad delivery, you’re able to set the Ad rotation, the Frequency capping
and the Content exclusions. Just read the instructions shown, which are
Then, click on Save and Continue. 

Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Creating the Ad group and Ad

Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Creating the Ad group and Ad

You already set up your first Campaign, so you’ll be immediately redirected to
create your Ad group and ad for that campaign. ur campaign. You can just leave it like it is if you
Then, it is time to add your Video.
You can Search for a video or paste the URL from YouTube. 

We advise you go to
your YouTube Channel, look for the Video you uploaded, open it, copy the URL,
and paste it. 

This will help you make sure you add the right video URL.
You’ll then be able to decide which video ad format you would like to use;
In-stream ad or video discovery ad. 

For In-stream

Your in-stream video ad plays before another video on either YouTube or the
Google Display Network, depending on network settings.

Viewers can choose to skip your ad after a few seconds. You pay when a viewer
watches 30 seconds of your video (or the duration if it’s shorter than 30
seconds) or engages with your video, whichever comes first. 

The display URL is the website address that appears in your ad. 

In video ads, the URL might show up in the TrueView in-stream ad that people
can click. It’s typically the URL of the website or webpage you’re advertising. 

YouTube shows people a display URL to give the viewers a clear idea of which
website they’ll reach when they click your ad. The display URL in your ad must
match the domain that people will land on when they click your ad. 

The Final URL, or landing page is where people go after clicking your ad. 

Here, you’ll Enter the exact URL of your landing page, which is supposed to be
inside of the domain you specified in the Display URL. 

For Ad URL advanced options, you’re able to set up some tracking and custom
parameters, which I advise you to leave it like it is for now. 

A companion banner is an image or group of images that appears next to your
ad. YouTube recommends that you use auto generated images from videos in
your channel, but you can also upload your own image. 

For Video discovery

Your video discovery ad includes an image and some text. It can run on YouTube
search results, next to related videos, on the YouTube homepage, or on partner
sites and apps. 

This ad will look differently, depending on the website or where on YouTube it
appears. You pay only when someone clicks your ad to watch your video. 

You can decide on a Thumbnail to show, A Headline, Description 1, Description 2,
and Landing page. 

The landing page is the YouTube page that viewers end up on after clicking your
ad, which is different than in-stream.

So, this means, if you would like to send traffic to your website, use the
In-stream option, and if you would like to send traffic to your YouTube Channel,
use the Video Discovery option. 

Then, set up your Ad.
 First, add a title. 
You can assign the Maximum CPV.

Maximum CPV is the highest price you are willing to pay for someone to view
your video when it is run as an ad.

Finally comes the targeting. Which is another chance for you to apply what you
learned in Knowing your Business. 

By default, your ads will show to all viewers. Optionally you can refine your

For demographics, you can decide Any gender, Any age, or Any parental status.
For Interest, you can decide any interest.

There are 4 other options to narrow your targeting; Keywords, Placements,
Remarketing and topics. 

Once you are done with everything, you should click on Save ad group. 

Once done, you’ll be redirected to your Campaigns Dashboard, and straight to
the campaign you have just set up.

Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Managing Your Video Ad Campaign

Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Managing Your Video Ad Campaign

First of all, don’t get scared by the amount of buttons you’ll find in the
Campaign dashboard after setting up your first advertising campaign. 
The best way to learn how everything works is by simply clicking on everything
you see, and by clicking on each question mark whenever it appears.
 Right on top, you’ll see the principal menu. 
In the Home tab​, you’ll be able to find all kinds of reporting statistics. You’ll be
able to see what you have just set up in your first ad campaign, as well.
In the Campaigns tab​, you’ll be able to take a closer look at your campaign’s
performance, as well as the opportunity to create new campaigns. 
In the opportunities tab​, Google shows you advertising opportunities. Think of
this tab as a personal assistant who customizes opportunities for your account.
It can help you discover new keywords, improve your bids and budgets, and
These are automatically generated opportunities. Google can’t guarantee they
will improve your campaign’s performance. You are always responsible for the
changes you make to your campaigns. 
The reports tab​ is where you can create sophisticated, yet simple pivot tables
and charts from your performance data. 
In the Tools tab​, you’ll be able to access some awesome tools which will be of
great help to you. 
To the top right of your account, you’ll be able to access the Billing area,
account settings, linked accounts, send feedback, and help. You’ll also notice
important notifications. 
Note the vital notification you see. Your account isn’t active. To activate your
account and start running your ads, you must enter your billing information. 
The Campaigns tab is where you’ll be hanging out most of the time for
managing your Video Ad Campaign. 
In your left menu, you’ll see several tabs listed. You’ll see the all campaigns tab,
the All drafts tab, All experiments tab, the Shared library tab, the Bulk
operations tab, and the Labels. 
In the main area, you’ll see displayed whatever tab you decided to view. In this
case, all campaigns are shown, as well as all ad groups, settings, ads, videos, and
the video targeting you have set up in your entire Google AdWords Account.
If you can, take a look at a specific campaign and click on it. According to the
Type of Campaign you decided to create at the beginning, the correct tabs for
that campaign type will be shown. 
You can also take a deeper look into the ad group, as well as the ad you created
inside of that ad group. 
The targeting tab, in this case Video Targeting, is the place you’ll be able to
spend most of your time to optimize your Video Ad, make the necessary
changes, and get the most out of the traffic you’ll get from YouTube. 
When you Created the Ad group and Ad, you may have noticed there are 6
different Video Targeting options you can pick from to narrow the traffic sent to
your video. The more narrow the traffic, the more targeted people will see your
ad; the more targeted people who see your ad, the more conversions you’ll
The full blue dots indicate that you are using those targeting options. If you
would like to add the others, you can simply click on it, and add it. 
If you would like to add new ad groups to your campaign, you can do so. If you
would like to add more ads to your ad groups, you can do so, as well. 
There are all kinds of awesome things you can do with Google AdWords. You
just need to click over the area and see how it works. It will take you a few
minutes to learn how to manage Your Video Ad Campaign. 
11-Youtube ads for CPA Offers: do's you should consider for a successful YouTube Advertising venture.

11-Youtube ads for CPA Offers: do’s you should consider for a successful YouTube Advertising venture.

Create Professional Ads

 To be relevant to your viewers and make them take action, you
must use good content by making optimal descriptions about
yourself and the product or service you offer. Your goal is to make a good
impression. For this, you need to use your content the right way. 

Keep Analytics in Mind 

You need to always check the analysis of your ads. This will help
you, and will allow you to see what type of video ad or strategy
has the best results, so you can learn what action to take to make your
campaign more effective. 

Be Clear, Honest and Direct

 Consider these three factors. By being clear, you won’t create
confusion for your prospects. By being honest, you can prove
to them that they can trust you, and by being direct, you’ll let them know what
you want.

Always Interact and Comment

 Interacting with your prospects will help get you a lot of
feedback. On your video ads, place calls to action at the end,
invite them to know you, answer all their questions and be open minded.

 Collaborate with someone that is Viral on YouTube 

A good idea could be to collaborate with another channel or
person that is already viral on YouTube. Make a video ad, so
those who see the ad will see you as someone relevant, as well. This person
must be appropriate for your product to make your work look real.

Use Tracking Links

 In your Video Ads, include hyperlinks to your website, landing
page, or other destinations. This is one of the best ways to
redirect your traffic, and keep getting the benefits of YouTube ads. You can
even create separate tracking links for different videos ads, compare them and
see which type of videos ads are sending people back to your site. 

Know your audience 

Simply knowing what kind of people want to know more about
you will help you a lot. You can get their feedback to help you
focus your upcoming ads, get the right content for that audience, find the best
format to allow them use your information, etc.

Keep your Ads Interesting 

and Attractive
Use all the tools that you possess to demonstrate to your
customers how powerful your service or tool can be. Show
them what you’re worth, and never stop being real. 

Use the ​TrueView Ad Formats 

The TrueView format provides viewers with the choice and
control of advertisements they want to see. With this, the
viewers have the flexibility to select the ads they think are relevant. What are
you waiting for? With TrueView ads, you’ll get viewers that really want to see
what you offer! 

Target Audience via Mobile Ads 

Mobile Ads are the best to get traffic and viewers to your video
ad. Mobile Ads have been analyzed, and statistics conclude that
mobile ads allow you to get more audience to become viral! Do not under
estimate them!

Youtube ads for CPA Offers:10 don’ts you should avoid for a successful YouTube Advertising venture.

Youtube ads for CPA Offers:10 don’ts you should avoid for a successful YouTube Advertising venture.


Don’t Create Negative Content

This really does not look good. You should never look bad
to your competition or make bad comments about anyone.
Your goal should always be to show what you’re worth, and what you can
achieve for your clients. Never speak negatively about another, you’ll only defile


Don’t Spam 

Just don’t! Spamming is very annoying for everyone, and all
you’ll do is scare people. I’m not saying you can’t reach more
people, of course, but do not overdo it. 


Don’t Be Boring

 Make video ads that won’t bore viewers. Create ads as
dynamically as possible, with diversity and breadth while being
simple. If viewers get bored with your content, they won’t consider your
content relevant and won’t take action. Make sure your customers can see how
fantastic your product is.


Don’t Use ​long-form Video Ads 

This can bore them, too. Create ads that are between 2 to 5
minutes, and no more than 10 minutes. Use video ads with a
simple and direct message. If they see that your video ad is too long, they could
think it is a waste of time and look for video ads with a duration shorter than


Don’t Forget the Custom Thumbnails 

Create custom thumbnails for your ads that benefit your Brand
awareness and marketing. Randomly selected thumbnails from
the video may not show what is in the video ad. 


Don’t Use too much Information

 Don’t overdo it with information. This will only confuse the
viewer. As I said earlier, what you need to do to make your
video ads more effective is to create easy messages that are simple to digest, so
the viewers will understand it with no effort.


 Don’t Share poorly produced video ads

 Poorly produced videos will get you nowhere. Record yourself
performing in your ads. This will benefit for your brand. Keep in
mind, don’t do mediocre things that nobody wants to see. 


Don’t Forget Tags and Description

The tags are the “keywords” of your Video Ads. Tags help people find you more
easily by searching something they like. Keywords and keyword phrases should
correspond with whatever describes your video accurately, and obviously use
the words and phrases that users will enter into search engines to find content.


Don’t just promote

 Don’t focus on simply promoting yourself, build a relationship
with your audience, so you can get feedback. Concentrate on
creating more quality items that define you as a Brand. Promote and establish a
strong relationship with your audience to keep them with you.


 Don’t try to look perfect

 Don’t try to make your ads look too perfect. It can make your
customers think that you’re fake, and what you’re selling isn’t
real. Keep being real and as natural as possible to show your followers that you
are trustworthy. 

Promote Cpa Offers Using Youtube Ads

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