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People use their mobile phones to not only remain in contact, but also for reading
the review of the products, knowing about the new products in the market, and of
course online purchasing. In such a condition, developing a masterly designed
mobile marketing strategy is significant for your business.

What is Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Before you begin developing a mobile marketing strategy, you should figure out
how it will fit with your other marketing plans. It will help you to find out what is
important to your business. Is product branding a current goal? Or is customer
acquisition and lead generation a priority task? Maybe it’s none of these and more
about social media engagement and viral marketing. Whatever it is, you have to
synergize your marketing strategy with the current priorities of your company.

That being said, let’s look at how you can go about developing a mobile marketing

Research for Information

Market research related to your business is the first step. Here are some tips on
what kinds of research you should be doing:

 Research how mobile marketing is done in your industry, you can join online
forums or partner with someone;

 Gather data relevant to your product or service such as case studies,
research analysis reports, whitepapers, etc.; and

 Do a comparative analysis by surfing their websites, press releases, online
campaign, etc.

Identify Your TargetAudience

Identifying your target audience and their choices will help you to take better
decisions and develop successful marketing campaign. Following are the three
important steps that you need to follow while identifying your target audience:

1. Make a detailed list of potential customers and give them actual names and

2. Conduct online surveys, emails of customers etc. to understand what
questions they have;

3. Create customer personas by visualizing specific attributes such as their
age, profession, task they perform etc.

Define the Value of Your Offerings

One of the most significant steps before designing a mobile campaign is to have
the answers ready for the following questions:

 How is your product/service beneficial to your customers?

 What are the additional benefits you are offering in comparison to your


 How is it going to fulfill their needs?

 How will it fit their budget?

Understanding the value or unique selling proposition (USP) of your product or
service helps you to engage your customers better right from the time you first
communicate with them to the time they become repeat customers. Once you
define the value offering in your marketing strategy, the task of making new
customers and maintaining the existing ones become much easier.

Outline Your Goals & Objectives

What you want to achieve with your marketing efforts is one of the most important
questions. It determines the budget you allocate towards marketing and the
channels you choose to market your product and services. You have to define it
clearly what you want to accomplish. Is it more sales? Or is it more brand
awareness? The outlining of your goals and objectives is the cornerstone of your
marketing strategy.


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