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Mobile Marketing is a next generation trend of marketing products and services.
Today, the strategy of mobile marketing is being practiced by most of the traders
and businessmen across the globe through which they communicate or engage
with their potential audiences/customers in an interactive and relevant manner.
The companies create short, but interactive messages (to promote their business)
specifically to deliver on mobile devices.
In this tutorial, we will explore the importance and structure of a mobile marketing
strategy; ways to create different types of mobile marketing campaigns; and
finally understand how to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) of a campaign.
Further, we will also cover other aspects such as mobile technology, webresources,
and the behavior of mobile users.

Why Mobile Marketing?

Mobiles have gained unprecedented importance in our lives, today. People around
the world choose mobile devices as their preferred medium to connect with other
people, gather information or even do business. As a result, many businesses are
actively devising new mobile marketing strategies to reach out to their audience.
In the present world, mobile marketing is a common technique that almost every
company, irrespective of the business it is into, is pursuing some kind of mobile
marketing campaign. Whether it’s an E-commerce giant such as Amazon or a
manufacturing juggernaut such as General Motors, everyone is following a “mobile
first” approach, when it comes to creating a marketing strategy for their

Businesses are also aware that the use and influence of mobile phones today have
gone up since the days of the simple text & voice messages. People order meals
from a restaurant, buy & read a book/magazine/news, and find a childhood friend
all with a single tap on their smartphones. Keeping this fact in mind, this tutorial
describes various kinds of mobile marketing campaign, adopted by the
companies, important of them are:

 SMS Campaign Mobile Website Campaign Mobile Apps Campaign Mobile Advertising Campaign Mobile Social Media Marketing Campaign Mobile Email-Marketing Campaign M-Commerce Campaign


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