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Make $100/Day using Craigslist Step-by-Step

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[Method] Make $100/Day using Craigslist Step-by-Step (Noob Friendly)

[Method] Make $100/Day using Craigslist Step-by-Step (Noob Friendly)


I will give out my step by step guide on how I used to make nearly $3.5k / month using Craigslist and a dating offer.

Only giving away this method since I have moved on to bigger more automated things and no longer will be doing this.

Step 1. Find a dating offer. Example: Flirt.com

Step 2. Create a domain that is similar to your dating offer. Example: yourtheflirt.com

Step 3. Set your domain to redirect to your Flirt.com (or any dating offer) affiliate link.

Step 4. Login to craigslist and make a new posting in popular cities for “Gig > I want to Hire Someone > Computer Gigs”

Step 5. Make the posting say something like this:

Title: “Online Dating Chatters Needed”

Body: “We are looking for people between the ages of 18 and 45 both male and female to promote our brand new dating website. We have launched our new dating web-site a couple months ago and are currently running a promotion paying $100 for 15 hours of online chat time to members of the opposing sex. We need people to basically promote our site by interacting with other members. Please send age, sex, and profile picture if interested.

Step 6: Sit back for a few hours and let the emails come in. Lots of people will be very interested in making some quick money while staying home. Also don’t send an autoresponder as it won’t look as natural.

Step 7: After a few hours have passed; send this reply:


Thanks for your interest. Your picture looks great. Let me give you the rest of the promotion details. Currently we are offering a $100 payment for 15 hours of chatting to members of the opposite sex on our new dating site. We are not sure yet if we will need further participation after that. The only hours that will count are from Noon to Midnight EST. Once your account has been designated to a promotional account you will be able to track your online chat-time from your cPanel. Please go to yourtheflirt.com and setup an account with your profile pic and some personal interests for your profile. Once completed, send me an email saying its complete, make sure to put “Promotion 299” in the subject box so I know your on step two. Give us about 24-72 hours after that so we can designate your profile into a ‘promotional’ account and you’ll be all set to go.

Hope to see you on board soon,
Brandon Stark

Step 8: Do the same for multiple cities on Craigslist and scale up.
(Also consider outsourcing the ad postings)

Step 9: Boom collect your earnings $$$ bradda 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions, i’ll be sure to answer them. 
Stop wasting time reading on how to make money and start experimenting for yourself. 
I remember the first 7-8 months I spent 100% Of The Time reading and 0% taking action. 
Once I actually started putting some of the methods I read into motion,
I remember saying to myself why I never started sooner.

TAKE ACTION, and best of luck !!! 😀

Posted By Rasol Michel 
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[Method] Make $100/Day using Craigslist Step-by-Step (Noob Friendly)

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