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Make Money with Amazon and Yahoo Answers Money Trick !

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Make Money with Amazon and Yahoo Answers Money Trick ! 

Make Money with Amazon and Yahoo Answers Money Trick !

1. Go to amazon and sign up to become an associate if you have not already

2. Go to yahoo and become a yahoo answers member.

3. Now once your all ready to go what we are going to do is search yahoo answers for people that are looking to buy something. Now in the search bar put “where can I buy” or ” I want to buy” . You will be shocked to how many people are asking where they can buy a certain item.

4. Now you will get a list of people asking where they can buy whatever they are looking for. But If you noticed that there are a lot that have a lot of answers or they post is to old…. we dont want those we want fresh post with no answers so narrrow down the search on right side by putting only questions no answers and recent post in the last 24hrs. Once you find a post you want to do a search on amazon for that item. Now 90% of the time the item the person is looking for is on amazon.
Next thing you have to do is reply to there post telling them that you have found what you are looking for with your aff link so you can get credit for the sale!
Now there’s a trick you have to do to get your link from amazon on to yahoo answers because amazon doesn’t offer direct links to there products only html .
now once you have found the product (in this step you must have a twitter account) tweet the product on twitter. Now once its tweeted go to your main twitter account and copy the link you have posted on there and paste it with your reply on yahoo answers.
The great thing about twitter is that when you tweet an amazon product twitter will short the link to the amazon product and with that you will be able to post it on yahoo answers!!
Now repeat this over and over and you should see some amazon cash real soon! Love 
Enjoy! Smile
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I’ve been doing this on YA for years. Haven’t been banned for it yet.
This is an interesting strategy. I’m going to try it some
time. However, I would like to offer my 2 sense. Instead of tweeting 
the post, you could create content around that niche and post it through
hub pages. Then all you have to do is create an amazon capsule and 
include the product that you want to sell. Once you finish the article 
post it along with the answer you give. The goal is to get the best 
answer so post as much content as possible pertaining to the question. 
$=(Hubpages+Amazon)Y answers.
I’ve done this from time to time with moderate success.
and not just Y answers, but may other places as well, any forum or 
Q&A site would work, but yahoo has decent traffic.
Also, no need to do the “twitter trick” to get the url, just pull it 
direct from the HTML or click on the preview and copy it.

Make Money with Amazon and Yahoo Answers Money Trick !

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