Make easy bucks with little effort. Proven Guide to $100 daily. – Affiliate worth
Make easy bucks with little effort. Proven Guide to $100 daily.

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Make easy bucks with little effort. Proven Guide to $100 daily.


Make easy bucks with little effort.
Proven Guide to $100 daily. 

Today I want to share one method that you can use to
make some extra cash in your pocket, I doubt you can
make millions with it, but 2-10X investment is almost
When I was 16-17 I tried tons of methods on Youtube
and all of them were
basically crap and I made only 0.$$ with them.
 I went nuts, I couldn’t believe that this huge website
with 100000000000+ videos can’t return me even my
So I searched for some ideas and while I watched
some fitness video I realized how this guy has 2 000
000 views and he make money only from his Adsense
on that video, and he can sell anything fitness
related with this video.
So I came up with this idea, some of you are probably
doing this already, but if you are not, you should try it
for sure.
I found this fitness guy with non monetized video, and
I looked for other Fitness videos and 95% of them
were not monetized with any other affiliate program
So what can I do here? 

My first success was with one fitness guy who
explained how to not get too much muscles while you
train or some similar shit.
So I went to clickbank and I looked for diet and
exercise products, so I found this How to train
properly ebook + CD collection.
This product was sold for 49$ I think and they gave
50% commission on every sale.
So if I can sell that product I can make 25$ from every
I contacted this guy who with how to train videos and
I offered him 100$ in cash if he can put my link in his
video description.
His video description was empty, and this was win win
for both of us. 
I wrote him text like this: ‘ If you like this video you
can also check this How to train properly E-book: ‘.
He just posted that in his video and video got like 90
000 more views in one month and I got 600 clicks on
my link and 11 sales, in my first month. 

So I invested 100$ and I made 180$ profit in one

I used this 180$ and payed this guy for 2 more videos
and he posted same book in one more video, and one
other Ebook on other video.
I went crazy about this method, in the next 3 months I
spent almost 500$ just trying other niches, and I
almost always made some profit, from every single

But how to start with this method: 

1. Find Profitable Niche on Youtube 

Youtube is huge, and you can find literally any niche
You just have to find one that’s profitable and where
people are prepared to buy something. 
Fitness, Gym, Self help and education are probably
the most profitable ones. 

2. Find profitable product 
You can promote any affiliate network you want and
any product you want.
Clickbank is perfect for this method, they can offer
you tons of great products with clickbait titles and
nice content inside.

One tip:
Physical products are also great for this method, and
if you sell for example Amazon products about gym,
fitness, health, kitchen… you should target Amazon
countries and it’s always better to target countries like
Spain, Italy and Brasil because if some guy is
speaking Spanish in some video 99% viewers are from
Spain because only they understand this language.
When you sell Amazon US products only 20-30%
viewers are from US so you will only get commission
for 20-30% sales.
So it’s always better to sell digital products and CD
collections on clickbank because you will get
worldwide commissions.

3. Contact video owners and pay them
When you find some profitable niche, nice product
and your potential money making video, you should
contact it’s owner.
Visit profile of the person who uploaded this video
and click on ‘About Channel’ and after that click on
Send message.
Write them about how you like their video, and how
you own this product ( never tell them how you
promote clickbank ) because they will search for it
and they will just create affiliate link and promote it
by themself.
You can also ask them to put new Annotation on the
end of their video, with your affiliate link. 
This is where lot of guys have trust issues, some of my
friends started this and they were afraid of this guy
scamming them when they pay him.
Well, that’s why you always need to choose 10k+
subscribers channels because they are probably more
I never got scammed here, and people who get 100$
are more than satisfied with this money because they
probably made like 30$ from Adsense on this video
and some guy just gave them 100$ just for one link in
And if this guy have like 50k views per video people
will buy this product when they see it in his
description box because they believe him.
I hope you will be able to make some profit out of it.
I also tried promoting some CPA offers like this, I had
success with some Gaming channels they put some
Gaming products in description, so you can get really
creative and you don’t have to choose any of these
niches in my thread, you can surf and search for some
new ideas and use it.
I made some money without much effort, so if you
have some money to invest, you can try this.


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Make easy bucks with little effort. Proven Guide to $100 daily.

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