Earn hard cash for fun tasks – Affiliate worth
Earn hard cash for fun tasks

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Earn hard cash for fun tasks

Welcome To AWB Free ways To start make money online Series !
Methode Number  4     :  Earn hard cash for fun tasks
Typical $$ per Month : £50-100 month !
if  you will do all the 4 methodes you will make +180£  “$231″per month 

Gift Hunter Club

The website Gift Hunter Club doles out  points for watching recordings, doing surveys, entering rivalries and finishing other simple  tasks. 

You can change over these into money through PayPal, Amazon vouchers and much More. Simply join and check the ‘acquire  points’ area. It demonstrates the tasks accessible and what they pay. 

mizzame figure the site’s fun,payment is snappy and they acquire a better than average sum every week.

I made £10 in PayPal cash very easily last week, £8 the week before. Mainly from videos and easy tasks. My best earning site at the moment!
– mizzame

Aim to redeem your points on rewards giving better value
A £10 Amazon gift card costs 1,690 points. But 10 US dollars in cash (£8ish) via PayPal is 1,000 points, which can be better value, depending on the exchange rate. While Gift Hunter Club lists cash payments in US dollars, PayPal converts the cash into pounds.

Earn hard cash for fun tasks

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