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Better Than CPA Marketing

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Table Of Contents

Introduction ……………………………………………………………………………………………….3
The Grand Slam Offer ………………………………………………………………………………..5
Video Ads …………………………………………………………………………………………………7
Test Drive Ads …………………………………………………………………………………………..8
Banner Ads ………………………………………………………………………………………………..9
The $8.16 Per Click Review ……………………………………………………………………..10
The High EPC Essentials …………………………………………………………………………11
Underrated Traffic Hot Spots ……………………………………………………………………18
Frequently Asked Questions ………………………………………………………………………27
Highly Recommended Resources ………………………………………………………………28


Hey it’s James Canzanella…
And I want to say thank you and congratulations for picking up this system.
I’m sure the anticipation is just eating away at you…
So I won’t leave you hanging any more…
The offer is: Aweber
Did you guess it right? Were you close?
Regardless of that, I want you to get a couple main things out of this report.
st and foremost is to broaden your horizons when it comes to being an affiliate.
I’ve sold thousands upon thousands of affiliate systems…
And unfortunately too many people get caught up on signing up to networks…
But aside from that, they focus way too much on email submit offers.
There’s nothing wrong with them, as I use them a lot myself…
However, how long do you think it will take to reach big money goals…
When an offer only pays you $1.25 per email submit?
It’s a one ‘n done process, often leaving you with nothing once the lead is gone.
Aside from that, I want to show you multiple ways to promote offers.
Not just Aweber, but anything similar so you can get the traffic rolling.
I have quite a few ways to do that, regardless of your experience…
But either way, let’s dive into the good stuff first!
The Grand Slam Offer
Oh yes, right, the proof, how could I forget?


Better Than CPA Marketing

Alright let’s talk about why an offer like Aweber is so awesome.

1) Easy Access

Think about it, it’s free to get started for a 30 day trial.

You are making a sale and will only continue to grow.

2) People Need It
Face it, if someone is really serious about making money online…
They basically MUST have some type of autoresponder.
Aweber is an easy pick because it is one of the top autoresponders out there

3) It’s Passive Growing Income
Here’s where it really gets awesome.
Aside from the fact that the stick rate is extremely high…
The more subscribers a person gets on their list, the more they pay…
And the more money YOU make.
Just think about it.
If you were paying $50 a month for a list, and it was making you $5,000…
You’re NOT going to be considering dropping that list any time soon.
It’s win-win for everyone, because your commissions will keep increasing
Alright let’s dive into how to promote this rockstar offer.
First you are going to need to sign up.

Click here to sign up to promote Aweber

(isn’t it awesome you don’t have to answer a million questions, donate blood,
and then get a background check?)
Once you are on the inside of their affiliate portal…
You’ll see that they give you a ton of ‘ammunition’ to help you promote it.

Better Than CPA Marketing

As you can see above, the first is Video Ads.
Talk about getting the heavy lifting done for you…
As they even have a specific video of multiple testimonials from customers.
Using this video is a simple as copying and pasting the code they give you.
Let’s move onto the next, Aweber Test Drive Ads.

Better Than CPA Marketing

With test drive ads, they also let you copy and paste the code they give you…
So that they can follow up with everyone who wants more info.
The best part?
That campaign converts 21% of subscribers to customers!
Yet another awesome way to get the heavy lifting done for you…
All you need to do is copy paste some text to your website.
One of the last options we will talk about that Aweber gives you is Banner Ads.

Better Than CPA Marketing

These are helpful for copying and pasting in any specific spots on your site.
For the most amount of clicks, on the right above the fold works best.
Note: Above the fold means that they don’t have to scroll down to see it.
Alright, so those are most of the tools Aweber gives you.

Let’s get dive deeper into the good stuff.
The $8.16 Per Click Review
When was the last time you created any type of review or presell page…
And it ended up generating you $8.16 every time someone clicked your link?
That’s the power of what I’m going to show you…
So let’s look at what it takes to create a review that brings in the recurring cash.
First and foremost, as with just about any review you do …
I would recommend signing up for Aweber
(it’s free to join).
Doing so can give you a perspective that not many others have, since you can go
through and talk about all of the benefits and even things you don’t like.
One way to do this quickly and easily is create an over the shoulder video.
There’s 3 great free ways to do this:

1) Screencast-o-matic
2) Camtasia
3) Google Hangouts

Screencast can be completely free, Camtasia is free for 30 days, and Google
Hangouts is still a fan favorite (they show you how to use them on the sites).
Here are the main points you want to feature in your review, regardless of if it is
video or text, and regardless of what offer you are promoting.

The High EPC Essentials

1) Importance
Most people who are shopping around for an autoresponder…
Haven’t yet figured out just how important having one is (otherwise they would
have already picked one up).
Aside from why it is so important…
You need to let them know that Aweber is ultimately the best choice.
Here are some phrases you can use to let them see the importance:
“The money is in the list.”
“The average subscriber can be worth $X per month.”
“The most important tool when it comes to making money.”
“There’s no one who is successful… who doesn’t have an autoresponder.”
2) Bonuses
In the beginning of your review, you want to mention bonuses.
This does 2 things:
1) It gets them to keep reading.
2) It REALLY increases your conversions.
You will talk about your bonuses at the end of the review, just keep in mind it’s a
great way to get readers to read the entire review.
What types of bonuses should I use? Good question!
For Aweber, I would recommend anything that deals with list building, email
marketing, and creating squeeze pages.
Many times, MRR products here would work best as you don’t need to create
them and can be easily delivered (will talk about later on).

3) Features / Benefits
This is important, and a lot of people screw it up, so I’m going to share a quick
story to explain the difference.

Get this right, and you’ll have no problem promoting products.
When I worked at a gym, a girl used to greet potential new customers and give
them a tour of the gym and the equipment they had.
She would always talk about things like “We have multiple new weight resistance
machines” or “The elliptical is a smooth ride” or even “The seats on the bikes are
None of that crap matters, people want to know what’s in it for them.
So here is my ‘magical’ formula for turning features into jaw dropping benefits.
Feature + This is beneficial for you because…
Not too difficult, right? So let’s say she was talking to an 80 year old man…
“We have multiple new weight resistance machines and this is beneficial for
you because you can lift lighter weights without being in pain from arthritis.”
“Our ellipticals offer a smooth ride, which is beneficial to you because you don’t
have to worry about your knees ever hurting while burning more calories!”
Simple stuff, right?
I hope you get the idea here, even though I’m referring back to the dreaded days
of when I was a personal trainer who eventually went on unemployment.
You can really learn lessons from anything!
Let’s bring it back to Aweber (or ANY affiliate product you might review).
What features do they have that will greatly benefit a user?
Here’s just a few off the top of my head:
1) Simplicity and ease of use.
2) You can create multiple lists.
3) You can automate moving around subscribers.
4) They give you templates for your own mini squeeze pages.
5) You can send to the unopens.
6) You can get started for free.
7) They are the best (that’s up to you to decide).
8) Amazing customer support.
9) You can import subscribers (HUGE)!

So those are the features, it’s up to you to turn those into benefits 🙂
Now let’s move onto an important part of a review: The Angle.

4) The Angle
There is a reason why I bolded number 9 above.
Not too long ago Aweber added the ability to import subscribers…
And since doing that, it’s even more clear that they are the top autoresponder.
So the angle of your review is another way of asking…
“What makes this so special or unique?”
So while you are going through your review, make sure you mention one specific
thing that REALLY jumps out.
To you it might be the ability to import subscribers, it might be the ability to
automate your subscribers, or it might be the awesome customer service.
Here’s an example of a powerful angle in action.
(before and after with feature and benefits)
Aweber allows you to import subscribers.
Aweber allows you to import subscribers. This is EXTREMELY useful because
not many autoresponders allow this, which means if you ever wanted to bring an
old list into Aweber, you can do it quickly and easily.
With other autoresponders,
you would have to start from square one even if you already had a list.
5) Price Comparison
This one is pretty self explanatory.
When you compare Aweber’s price to many of the other autoresponders…
It makes it such an easier decision to hop on board.
So aside from the free trial, after that you’ll pay $20 a month.
Compare that to Infusionsoft at $199 a month (yikes!).
But do you see how much easier of a decision that would be?
$20 VS $199 a month, and Aweber still has all these awesome benefits?
Sign me up! (this is the SAME for any product in any niche out there)
6) The Negative Aspect
There is no such thing as a perfect product, system, or software.
So right before the end, it’s important to add something about Aweber that you
didn’t like.
This will always be different for everyone, but by doing this it shows you that it’s
not perfect and does have flaws (everything does!).
If your review is basically “This is the best this is the best this is the best!” then it
comes off as, well, not being a good review.
So wrap up your review with everything you liked, and include your one negative
7) CTA
CTA is short for call to action, and it’s very important.
Click here to sign up for Aweber!
Was that too hard?
It’s important because we often need to be reminded what to do.
If the person goes through, loves your review, and forgets to click your link, then
you simply aren’t going to get paid month after month.
So sprinkle a few CTAs throughout your review, and especially at the end.
8) The Bonuses
Alright, we already talked about the importance of bonuses…
But what I want to show you here is how to showcase and give them away.
After you have gone through the main review, you want to bring back up the fact
that they will be getting bonuses.
To get the most value out of the bonuses, you want to make sure that you fully
explain the bonuses (remember features VS benefits?).
If you are asking right now, “Well James, how do I deliver the bonuses?”
Very simple.
All you need to do is give them some instructions, similar to this:
1) Click here and sign up to Aweber (that would be your link).
2) Forward or send your receipt to
3) I will then send you your bonuses.
When someone sends you their receipt, congratulate and thank them…
And of course, send a link to the bonuses that they came for!
Alright, so that wraps up the entire process of creating a review and the
important of promoting any type of offer (especially when it is recurring).
Underrated Traffic Hot Spots
I didn’t want to make this report about getting a lot of traffic to your offer…
Because there’s just so many traffic sources out there.
However, I did want to share with you some of the BEST and underrated traffic
hot spots that I have used, and currently use to get $8.16 per click.
First and foremost, if you want to get REALLY high EPCs, then you want to
make sure that you send your traffic to your review page.
You don’t have to, but as you might have already noticed, it really increases your
conversions (especially by throwing in bonuses).
So first and foremost: The Warrior Forum
Seriously, I can’t think of a better and more targeted spot to get traffic to your
review page of Aweber (or any other offer dealing with make money online).
The amount of traffic flowing to the Warrior Forum seems to keep increasing
day after day, especially those who are new to making money online.
Maybe you were the same when you first started, I sure was!
And what comes with being new to making money online, is the urgency of
needing an autoresponder.

I probably don’t need to explain just how targeted a spot like Email Marketing is
when it comes to an autoresponder, right?
Aside from that, here is the perfect example of a thread that has thousands upon
thousands of targeted views:

What is the best autoresponder/list host (Official never-ending debate thread)
Where do you think people go when they are looking to get an autoresponder?
How much are the chances going to increase that they go through your link
when they also get bonuses along with it?
You get the idea.
The fact of the matter is that I personally have made tons of sales on the WF
simply by putting something relevant in my signature, and helping out those
who need it… you can do the same.
Many times you’ll even get private messages asking for more details about
Aweber, your product, the product you recommend, etc, which, once again,
makes getting the sale even that much easier.
Note: Hustle your buns off. If someone is asking any type of question about an
autoresponder, not only respond to them, but send them a PM to help.
Next is your Website.
We’ve gone over this a lot, but keep in mind that this review is a pretty
important one.
Where can you post it where it gets a ton of traffic?
For most, it will be on the right above the fold.
If you have a Review section, you might want to consider putting it on the top of
the reviews so people always see that first when arriving to that page.
And of course, if you ever write any blog posts, it definitely doesn’t hurt to slip in
an affiliate link whenever recommending it…
After all, the money is in the list.
Next is your Download / Thank You Page.
These 2 go hand in hand, and if you haven’t noticed already, I’ve dropped a few
links in this report for signing up to Aweber.
Now let me address something that stops people from making money.
Get used to using (and going through) affiliate links.
I can’t tell you how many times someone gets ‘afraid’ of putting in affiliate links
whether it be their report, product, system, blog post, or FB post.
Why on Earth would one not want to use a link?
Listen, if you have used something and you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt,
that it will REALLY help them out, then there is no reason not to include that
affiliate link.
After all, we are here to make money online, and not using affiliate links isn’t
going to help out the cause!
Anyway, if you have some type of short report, freebie, cheat sheet, system, etc,
be sure to add in your appropriate affiliate links.
I can’t tell you how many times people have thanked me for going through my
link, because if they didn’t, they could have missed on whatever the benefit was.
Next is your download or thank you page.
Any time I offer something that relates to list building, email marketing, or
squeeze pages, you can bet I’m going to recommend Aweber because it’s such a
targeted source for a person that doesn’t have an autoresponder.
To make matters better, a lot of people using multiple autoresponders, so they
could have, say GetResponse, and still want to get Aweber, too!
Next are your Followups & Broadcasts.
Since we are dealing with autoresponders, emails, and list building…
It would only be appropriate that I give you my BEST and highest converting
email that I used to send to my review page.
In my honest and awesome opinion, it’s a great way to educate while selling at
the same time, you’ll see in the email below, enjoy!

P.S. This subject line is currently getting me a 50% open rate 🙂

Subject Line: How to make 10x more
Don’t rub your eyes, that’s not a typo!
I recently got asked a good question…
And I wanted to answer that while wrapping providing value.
(as I’ve got tons of other affiliate stuff to talk about)
The question was…
“Is list building still profitable?”
And the answer is absolutely, positively, yes!
Of course, the conversions don’t come in as fast…
However, over a long term period you will make so much more.
Here’s some number crunching I did with a calculator…
Just to give you an idea of how powerful list building is.
Let’s say it costs you .10 per click
(and I mean, seriously, where else can you get that?!)

$1 = 10 clicks
$10 = 100 clicks
$100 = 1000 clicks
So if you get 1000 clicks and have a 25% conversion on your squeeze page…
100 = 250 optins
Now lets say the Clickbank offer you are promoting converts at 1% on the thank
you page…
And the average conversion is worth $35.
Money generated would = $87.50
So $100 – $87.50 would then give you…
Total cost to acquire 250 optins = $12.50.
LOL can you see how amazing that is?
$12.50 to get 250 targeted leads.
But I’m not done yet, amigo! At the time…
It costs .40 to get a lead.
The average lead makes 0.35 after just the thank you page.
Follow up with offers until the end of time and you’ve got a serious money
Or, what many refer to it as, a business.
You could literally go on Shark Tank with that data…
As you’ll know the information that 99% of people online don’t know.
1) How much does it cost to get a lead (or customer)
2) How much does the average lead (or customer) make you
And that, is how you scale like a madman.
So let me ask you a question…
When you know that it costs .40 to get a lead…
And the average lead brings in, let’s say, $1…
How quickly are you going to dump money into your winning campaign?
Welcome to the wonderful world of affiliate marketing 🙂
(sign off)
P.S. It’s pretty obvious just how powerful building a list…
But many people get stuck on which autoresponder to get started with.
Don’t sweat it, because I got you covered…
Click here to see which autoresponder is the best (along with bonuses!)
Alright so that was one of my favorite emails I ever wrote.
It informs without giving away the farm, and positions Aweber as an awesome
place to start if they haven’t gotten an autoresponder yet, and then, of course,
the review does all of the heavy lifting.
Feel free to copy paste away at will!
Alright, I want to thank you for picking up the Better Than CPA System.
There are a few main points I wanted you to get out of this.

1) Aweber is an awesome offer to promote (and even use).
2) The key elements to generating high EPCs using reviews.
3) You need to start promoting more recurring offers.
4) You can probably start adding Aweber links to current spots.
5) Simple ways to get targeted traffic to your money making offer.
6) Expand your affiliate horizons past the $1.50 email submit offers.
7) Don’t expect to be a millionaire in a month…
8) Rather instead build upon recurring income that grows passively.
And it wouldn’t be a Canzanella Creation without answering your most pressing
questions. So once again, thanks for picking up this report!

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I upload files to send by email?
A: That one is simple. As long as the file is under 64 MB, you can upload it to
WordPress. If you don’t have WordPress, you can upload it to Amazon S3 or
even Google Drive, which allows you to upload big files for free.
Q: I have some bonuses already, can I use them?
A: Of course, as long as they are either yours or you have been given some type
of license to give them away as a bonus. Just remember, when it specifically
comes to Aweber, anything with listbuilding, email marketing, or any type of squeeze page builder works best.

Q: Can I rank a video for an Aweber review?
A: Absolutely, but that’s a completely different system. If you already have the
knowledge and tools to do that, then by all means please do so. I would
recommend putting the link to your review page in the description of the
YouTube video.
Q: How long should my reviews be?
A: I’ll give you the same answer one of my high school history teachers told
everyone when someone asked “How long should our essay be?”
“I like to refer to the analogy of my wife’s skirt, long enough to cover what’s
necessary, but short enough to keep me interested.”


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