4-Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Knowing your Business

4-Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Knowing your Business

4-Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Knowing your Business

If you're new to the business world, before you start a YouTube Ads campaign, there are many factors to consider to avoid mistakes when using YouTube, or any other online platform you want to use.

Analyze who you are.

I’m pretty sure you already have a set vision and mission for your business. Something important for you to know is that vision and mission are exactly the same for the online world. 
You can’t change your standards just for going online. You are doing the exact same thing for your clients, but over the web, which means a lot easier, faster and bigger, both locally and worldwide.  

What kind of products, services, or CPA/affiliate offers are you promoting? 

For the product you actually offer, don't concentrate on how to improve it, right now. That is something you should obviously have been doing since you started your business. What you should care about, right now, is how to get online.
You might need to create a website to deliver it to users. You might need to create videos to explain how your product or service works, so your current and future clients can watch them.  

Who's your target audience? 

The audience you'll be focusing upon can define your success or failure. That's extremely important for the development of your company. If you target the wrong audience, you won't get great results, and the same can be said about being online.

If you have existing clients, you probably know their interests. They have bought from you, and you know what they are looking for.

The awesome thing about going online is that you can advertise to your existing clients. You can also look for people with the exact same interests as your existing clients, and convert them into your clients with just a few clicks of your mouse. 

More than that, you can even learn a lot of things you might not know about your existing clients. 
For that, we can use several tools. 

For advertising online, you should have a clear understanding of the target audience of your business, information such as: where they live, how old are they, their gender, interests, etc. You can find that out with sites like alexa.com If you already have an established website, you can get that information by using alexa.com. If you still lack that information about your business, you can simply take a look at other business websites. 

For example, if your business is within the Health market, you can simply browse the top websites in the world, and take a look at them by category. Go inside any subcategory that best suits your business, and take a look at the top sites. 

You'll find all kinds of awesome information you can use in your YouTube Ads Advertising. Things like: how popular a site is, how engaged are the visitors, where do visitors come from, what sites is it related to, and most importantly, who visits the site. 

If you have access to the paid Alexa subscription, you'll find a lot more details on all this. 
Analyzing your competition online.

Your competitors may be selling products similar to yours, and may be located geographically near your business, or have a lot of demand. You can take their ideas without stealing them to improve failures you may have in your company, or maybe you can just use them to innovate. 

There are certain things you need to know about your competitors: the way they offer their services, how they reach consumers, their prices, designs, how they distribute and deliver. 

Some people even make alliances with other brands. If you want to do this, create an alliance with a Brand that doesn’t offer the same service that you do. Look for one that will complement yours, and thus get two purchases, one for you and one for your ally. 

If you're moving to the online world, Alexa.com will be of great help in this matter. 

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