3-Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Why you should use YouTube Ads for your Business

3-Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Why you should use YouTube Ads for your Business

3-Youtube ads for CPA Offers:Why you should use YouTube Ads for your Business

YouTube is the leader in online video, and the premier destination to watch and share original videos worldwide throughout the web.

 Without a doubt, this opens a huge opportunity to promote brands and businesses through video marketing, by providing you everything you need to profit in a simple, interactive and fun way. 

What are its benefits? 

The following benefits will tell you why you should use YouTube Ads for your Business.

A ton of traffic:

 You can lead your traffic to your website, product, or service with video ads. You can generate a ton of traffic, and you'll find less competition at a lower cost.
Pay per view:​ You only pay when people watch your video. You don’t pay for views that are not being converted for your business, so you won’t waste money. 

Reach your ideal customers:​ 

You can reach people based on who they are, their locations and on what they’re interested. You can reach them by topic, keyword or demographics 
Build a following:​ You can drive video views and new channel subscription opportunities, and convert them into revenue for your business.

Create a difference with competence:​ 

If your competence is limited to one platform (like image, webpage or even radio), video streaming and your use of it will earn you a whole new unlimited group of possible customers. 

A low budget:​

 It doesn’t take too much from your own wallet to enter the video streaming platform. In fact, most indie you-tubers began with nothing more than effort. 

Responsive web designing:​ 

More than seventy percent of people are watching videos using smart devices. They are also spending their time on eCommerce websites to learn about the offers and latest updates from different stores. Marketers are targeting responsive web designing and following this trend to make their marketing videos compatible with mobile screens. This is the most important point that must be focused upon to grab customer attention. 

Perfect for eCommerce:​ 

The description of products and services helps consumers, because they like to watch videos to learn more information about the products they are going to buy. This is an ongoing trend that every online retailer is following today.

Perfect for CPA/Affiliate marketing: ​

 With some of the highest quality traffic you will find at some of the cheapest costs in many niches, YouTube ads are perfect to promote CPA offers

Immense exposure:​ 

This is the key to driving revenue, notwithstanding the obvious fact that capitalizing on this is very important.  

Important Facts For Marketers About YouTube Ads 

You'll benefit greatly by taking a look at the following facts. 

✓ Video ads accounted for 25.1% of all the videos viewed, while only a mere
2.2% of time spent online was spent viewing online videos.

✓ eCommerce is very vast, and today every retailer is transforming their
business to be online.

✓ In the last year, the number of advertisers using display ads on YouTube
increased by 1,000%.

✓ No less than 84.5% of the United States audience views online video

✓ The average YouTube visitor accesses the site 14 times per month.

✓ More video content is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than the three
major U.S. television networks created in 60 years.

✓ More than half of all video ads run between 15 and 30 seconds, while 36%
are more than 30 seconds and only 13% are less than 15 seconds.
Summarily, the key to effective advertising seems to be in the ability to
actively engage the viewer; ideally somewhere between the 10 and 20
second mark.

✓ On Facebook, over 150 years worth of YouTube videos are watched every

✓ YouTube has signed over 10,000 advertising partners to date, including
Turner and Disney. Hundreds of YouTube partners are making six figures
a year.

✓ In 2006, when Google bought YouTube, YouTube was losing money at a
rate of $500,000 a month despite its immense popularity. Google,
however, saw its immense advertising potential.

✓ A new kind of advertising called “viral advertising” uses blogs and emails
to promote a product. For example, Dove’s “Evolution of Beauty”
campaign was an overnight viral sensation when more than a million
people watched a time-elapsed video of a model being made beautiful on

✓ You get more clicks for every 1,000 impressions. Video Banners usually
have from 50 to 100 percent more click range. Video is a more effective
format, because the user notices it as something more entertaining than
a “normal” banner.

✓ Every month, more than one billion people visit YouTube and watch over
six billion hours of YouTube videos. These are a lot of potential
customers, and you can decide where and when a video ad shows up and

which of these potential customers sees it.

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