2-Youtube ads for CPA Offers: What is YouTube Advertising?

2-Youtube ads for CPA Offers: What is YouTube Advertising?

2-Youtube ads for CPA Offers: What is YouTube Advertising?

YouTube is a website dedicated to free video sharing, allowing users to upload their own videos, view videos from other users, comment on videos and share them on other sites. YouTube has every type of video, and is the most used search engine, right after google. 

In 2005, three employees of PayPal created YouTube, and it is now one of Google subsidiaries. YouTube allows users to interact with any type of video content, from music videos and movie trailers to original and educational videos, and videos from individuals to media corporations and brands. 

What are video ads? 

Video ads have advertising purposes, and are called ads because they provide information about products or companies. They have a purpose and a reason. 

Any video on YouTube can be used as an ad. These ads appear in different ways: before a video, playing beside a video or in search results .

YouTube ads give you flexibility. As an individual or as a business, you can start to benefit from the YouTube platform.

What do ads cost?

With respect to cost, there are two types of ads that you can pick from, both for a price.

You’ll have to pay when people see more than 30 seconds of your ad. This means that you’ll only have to pay for those people who engage with your content, or are interested in the video. 

You and only you decide how much you want to invest in your video ads, so you’ll feel comfortable with the money you spend. 

Who can I target?  

Besides being flexible, YouTube ads give you a variety of tools to focus on the public. You can target by age, gender, location, interests and much more. You only have to choose where you want to reach.

You should look for what kind of people can easily become interested in you, so that your investment in YouTube will be productive and not a waste of time or money. 

Choose the right public, because YouTube ads gives you what you need to target and make your video ads reach the places you want. 

How do I measure the results?

With YouTube ads, you can see the analysis and results you get from your video ads. YouTube provides information like how many views your ad has, where it is viewed and what you paid for the views. You can measure the results with adjustments anytime you think you need to, so you can improve the development of your campaign.  

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