Paid Traffic Sources: Best Traffic For Advertisers "7 Search"

Paid Traffic Sources:  Best Traffic For Advertisers "7 Search"
7 Search:

Very transparent when it comes to showing it’s rankings & price per click costs. So keywords are very cheap to rank for. I’ve gotten traffic at .05 CPC for several head terms.


Every internet marketing newbie flocks here because several blogs push it as a go to the source. Since everything is transparent, you often get outbid by a penny every couple of hours. Making it very difficult to get any solid data.


If you’re just looking to dabble in paid search to get your feet wet, then by all means check out 7 Search. However, if you’re looking to actually generate enough sales to make more than $10-15 dollars a day, I wouldn’t waste my time.

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rachid ramhi
rachid ramhi

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