Paid Traffic Sources: Best Traffic For Advertisers "Bing Ads"

Paid Traffic Sources:  Best Traffic For Advertisers "Bing Ads"
Bing Ads:


Bing & Yahoo are teamed up. If you create a campaign on Bing Ads you show up on both & properties. Traffic is often both higher quality and much cheaper than compared to Google. Bing is very forgiving and approves almost any campaign.


About 1/10th of the traffic, Google can provide. Their interface is complete garbage and needs an update. Can’t scale your campaign very much once you do find a winner.


If you believe Paid Search is the way to go for your business then I would definitely test out Bing ads. Your chances of finding a winner are much higher and will cost you much less. However, don’t expect to be spending over $100-200 a day in most niches.

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rachid ramhi

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