Paid Traffic Sources: Best Traffic For Advertisers "Google Adwords"

Paid Traffic Sources:  Best Traffic For Advertisers "Google Adwords"
Google Adwords:


Tons of traffic. Google has 75.2 percent of the search market, not including mobile. Tons of tools and ways to optimize your campaigns. Ability to scale your campaign, once you find some winning metrics.


Highly competitive and expensive as hell. We’re talking over $100 per click for more competitive industries. Very picky with what they allow on their network. Very high chance of account suspension if you don’t follow the rules.


Yes, I know, almost everyone and their mother knows what Adwords is already. However, because of it’s massive market share if you want to scale, then you want Adwords. If you’re brand new to paid traffic, I would stay away from Adwords personally. Why? Because you can lose your budget in a matter of minutes if you mess up. Adwords also offers the ability to do remarketing which is extremely powerful.

rachid ramhi
rachid ramhi

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