EMAIL MARKETING: Sending and Subject Lines

EMAIL MARKETING: Sending and Subject Lines

Email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful one to many online marketing strategy that can generate amazing results at relatively low costs. Email marketing can be broken down into transaction emails, direct emails and trigger emails. Each type can be very effective and be part of a highly successful campaign.

In the email marketing Section you'll learn about different email marketing tools, effective list building, best practices and advanced email marketing strategies. You'll be able to  read about ways to increase email opt-in rates, maximize email open rates & click through rates, create effective auto-responder sequences and improve email deliver ability.

EMAIL MARKETING: Sending and Subject Lines

Your email is done and designed. You've proofread it (please proofread!) and clicked on every link in the promotion to be 100% sure it goes to the right place.

The Philosophy

Forget about the ideal time to send or which day gets the most opens. That way lies madness! When driving people to open your emails, subject line is the champ! Nothing entices or informs your readers quite like subject lines.

There's no such thing as the perfect subject line but some are certainly more powerful than others. There are "rules" and if you follow them, you're going to do just fine. For the philosophical aspect:

Be honest
If there's no cat video, don't say, "Hilarious Cat Video Inside!"

Be descriptive  
It's hard to describe the content of an email in under 10 words but try. If your email is all about the latest in international politics then go with something like "North Korea At It Again and US China Relations Strained." See? In a few words it captures what the email is about and your readers will know there’s good stuff inside!

Funny helps 
Humorous subject lines do drive more opens but it's a fine line. Only be funny if you can also still 
follow rules 1. and 2.

The Technical

There are a few rules here too but they're simple. Well, they're more like guidelines but worth keeping in mind before hitting that send button.

Keep it under 10 words

Nothing bad will happen if your subject line is 11 words but in general, concise is better. 

Avoid all CAPS! 
No one likes being yelled at and it may even trigger some spam filters.

Avoid excessive punctuation
A comma or a period is fine but there's really no need for 5 exclamation marks. And that's it really. One last thing though before you send...
From Who? From You! 
I'm talking about the name that appears in your readers' inbox. This matters more than you think. I'm going to dive straight into the philosophy...

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