Cpa Marketing : Get Any Perfect Landing Page In 4 Steps

Cpa Marketing : Get Any Perfect Landing Page In 4 Steps

Today we will learn how we can get any competitor perfect landing page  in 4 steps


we need a software ( 100% free)  :) HTTrack

Download It Now Click Here 
Then Choose Your Platform and Download The File

Ok Lets Start The Work 

  • step 1 : find competitor landing pages 
  • step 2:  copy the landing pages you like 
  • step 3 : edit the landing pages (change Affiliate links) ... 
  • step 4 : upload the landing pages to your hosting server 

Now Your Work is split testing your landing pages and find the best one for you 

let me show you a example ok ? 

        The niche is diet
        Competitor landing page url : Click Here

1:  Run the  HTTrack  software 

1:  Run the  HTTrack  software

2:  Choose : the project Name/Catégorie/Path

2:  Choose : the project Name/Catégorie/Path

3: Put The  : Competitor landing page url 

Competitor landing page url

4: The  Software Start The Work 

3: Put The  : Competitor landing page url

5: The  Software finished The Work 

5: The  Software Start The Work

6: Now Open The Path /Project Name

6: Now Open The Path

 7: Here Is The Landing Page

6: Now Open The Path

8: Edit The Landing Page ( Put Your Affiliate link ,...) And Upload It To Your Hosting 

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